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Proficient Porsche Service Center in Dubai

When you think of a luxury sports car or a classy convertible for a summer drive, Porsche is the first brand that comes to your mind. From the classic Porsche 911 to the Cayman GTS, this car maker is synonymous with style, elegance, and speed. These finely tuned machines require the right type of maintenance and repair at fixed intervals from trusted garages. The expert mechanics at Fixmycar have years of experience and great technical know-how. We are the go-to Porsche service center in Dubai for any issues your vehicle may have. Our list of services ranges from engine repairs to diagnostic tests that will provide all-around solutions to maintain the car.

Variety of Porsche Services Offered

Delivery/ Pick up Porsche Schedule Service

Porsche sports cars are one of a kind because of their long maintenance intervals and short workshop visits.

Audi Control Module Programming Units Reprogramming

We reprogram the control units under the driver’s seat of your Porsche using a diagnostic tool which is right for you. We will identify updates that need to be applied to the DME control unit.

Engine Repairs Engine Repairs

Fixmycar will strip your engine and assess the work needed to address the core problem to establish minimum repair cost. We cover Porsche IMS bearing failure, cylinder scoring, cracked cylinder, crank shaft bearing failure, and timing chain failure prevention.

Transmission Repairs Transmission Repair

We replace damaged parts with brand new German Porsche OEM components. Transmission in a Porsche needs to be changed every 100,000 km and we replace CV joints, clutches, and transfer cases.

Suspension Repairs Suspension Repair

If you hear knocks or sounds when you run over a pothole, it might be time to get a suspension repair. This includes maintenance of shocks and struts, coil springs, control arms, sway bars, alignment kits and suspension lubricants.

Diagnostic Test Diagnostic Test

The car has an onboard diagnostic tool and there are many third-party tools which will check and change the codes for engine, ABS, or airbags.

Bodyworks and Paintworks Bodyworks and Paintworks

Our skilled mechanics provide bodywork, metal work, and painting for your Porsche.

Car A/C Air Conditioning Repair

The common problem with Porsche ACs are leaky condensers which are air condition radiators at the front of the car that expel the heat from the cabin. We service the compressor and the evaporator to get the best climate control.

Lubes Porsche Engine Oil

Only use a high-performance engine oil which is tailored to your Porsche to ensure the engine’s reliability. The SAE class for multi-grade oils includes two grades and specify which range the engine oil can best be used.

Engine Air Filter Replacement Engine Air Filter Replacement

Every 10,000 km, it is recommended to change the engine air filter in your Porsche if you drive on unpaved roads or live in a dusty or desert environment. Replacement takes only 30 minutes and can be done quickly.

Cabin air pollen filter replacement Cabin air pollen filter replacement

It is important to change the cabin air pollen filter when you find mushy odors remain in the vehicle.

Spark Plug Replacement Spark Plug Replacement

It is recommended to change the spark plug in a Porsche about every 10,000 km or once a year. Porsche now has integrated six small spark plug coils that sit on top of each spark plug and this makes the car’s ignition system more reliable by removing spark plug wires which constantly wears out.

Steering Gear Steering Gear

Fixmycar takes care of your steering gear worries. In the latest technology of CNC control and integrated fixtures, axial pitch and depth of cut is easily controlled.

Radiator and Air Inspection Radiator and Air Inspection

Our mechanics check for external contamination and blockage and fix any issues that arise. A faulty radiator pump can be caused even after just 30,000 km.

Coolant Hose Inspection Coolant Hose Inspection

We make sure the hoses are inspected for oil and fluid leaks along with chafing damage for the lines and hoses. It is also important to check the coolant level and antifreeze protection level.

Service Schedule Type of Service Required
Every 15,000 km before 100,000 km First minor then major service and repeat
Every 10,000 km before 100,000 km First minor then major service and repeat

Be sure to get a change of tires every 6 months subject to wear and tear and number of kilometers run.

Our Repairing Process

Visit / Consultation Visit/ Consultation

• If you own a Porsche and want to do a service, Fixmycar is the place to go to as we have specialized technicians.

Delivery/ Pick up Delivery/ Pick up

We offer either free pickup of the vehicle from a location or drop to a place of your choice.

Repair Repair

Our skilled mechanics will complete a minor service in 1.5 hours and a major service in 3 hours. The time taken for the other repairs depend on what need to be fixed.


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