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Audi Service Center in Dubai

Dubai is the land of luxury and the people here love to own cars that are performance-driven. Audi is one of the most power-packed automobiles in the world and produces top of the line cars for people who appreciate innovation. They boast an array of vehicles from the prestigious two-door R8 to their variety of SUVs. Because of the sophisticated computer on board these machines, the maintenance and overhaul become complex. At Fixmycar Audi workshop in Dubai, we have highly skilled mechanics who will attend to every detail of your car repair from working on brakes and AC to LUBE and electrical services. Our garage is the premium service center which caters to Audi auto enthusiasts.

Our Repair Services

Lubes Audi Oil and Filter Change

Your Audi will be ready for service one year from last maintenance or every 10,000 km. While changing oil, it is recommended to use a new drain plug and washer every 4-6 oil changes depending on the condition.

Painting Works Audi Paint Repair

We repair minor chips, paint scratch repair and also major paint work with colors ranging from Jade Green to Candy White.

Brakes Audi Brake System Inspections and Servicing

We offer a full range of Audi brake repair including brake inspections, brake pad and brake rotor replacement, and caliper replacement. Fixmycar also inspects the brake fluid and replaces old brake lines to ensure your safety.

Steering Audi CAN Bus Adaptation

Fixmycar can work on your Audi CAN Bus and engineer it to better suit steering angle, acceleration, and braking.

Audi Control Module Programming Audi Control Module Programming

It is possible to make modifications to how your car behaves by altering code on the control module using a VAG tool and a computer with emulation software.

Audi Battery Testing and Replacement Audi Battery Testing and Replacement

The expert technicians at Fixmycar will evaluate the condition of your battery, remove corrosion buildup around terminals, install a replacement battery if required, and properly dispose of your old battery.

Engine Audi Engine Compartment Inspections

Fixmycar will help you with oil changes, transmission repair, or overall maintenance of engines. We have best tools and parts like OEM factory-specified parts.

Car A/C Audi Cooling system inspections

It is necessary to check the heat exchangers for dirt, dust, and debris. Inspecting the radiator includes checking for leaks or any sign of corrosion, damaged tubes, or clogged fins. We also check the radiator pressure cap to make sure they aren’t damaged. The thermostat is an important part as well and one must check for external or internal leaks. It is also important to maintain coolant and fluid levels.

Engine Audi Engine Compartment Maintenance

Our mechanics are highly skilled at maintaining the engine block, cylinder heads, motor mounts, oil filters, harmonic balancers, and auxiliary drive belts.

Transmission & Clutch Audi Transmission Maintenance

We have the right clutch kits, bands and clutches, and even transmission fluids, oils and additives for your car.

Spark Plug Audi Spark Plug Replacements

It is important to change the sparkplugs every 40,000 km and the ignition coil every 80-100,000 km. Failure of the spark plug or the ignition coil leads to engine misfires, rough idling, and the engine running lean.

Interior Works Audi Underbody inspections

Inspect the car’s undercarriage and also the floor pans and frame rails.

Brakes Audi Brake fluid replacements

The entire Audi brake fluid system should be flushed every 30,000 km or 3 years. Contaminated Audi brake fluid moving through the brake lines leads to sediment build up in the brake caliper, affecting the cylinder bores. Some of this dirty fluid also travels to the ABS unit where it causes the solenoids to behave erratically.

Auto Body Works Audi Front Axle Testing

Fixmycar will change your constant velocity joints in the front axle if you find a clicking sound from a worn out CV joint.

Service Schedule Type of Service Required
Every 15,000 km before 100,000 km First minor then major service and repeat
Every 10,000 km before 100,000 km First minor then major service and repeat

Be sure to get a change of tires every 6 months subject to wear and tear and number of kilometers run.

Our Repairing Process

Visit / Consultation Visit/ Consultation

We have the number one garage for working on Audi cars in Dubai with qualified Audi specialists.

Delivery/ Pick up Delivery/ Pick up

We can offer a pickup from a location or deliver it to an address of your choice.

Repair Repair

Our expert technicians will do a minor service in 1.5 hours and a major service in approximately 3 hours.

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